We Are Giant Slayers!

Photo by  Miguel Bruna  on  Unsplash

My oldest son plays little league football. Last year, he was on the team that won the championship title…sort of like the “super bowl” of little league. He played for the Falcons.

It was a very memorable season. There was one game in particular that made a very lasting impression on all of us.

My son’s team was scheduled to play the Steelers. At some point during the season, we had seen them in action. One thing is for sure.. these boys were HUGE.

I mean.. they were REALLY HUGE. I literally was not convinced that they were even the same age or should be in the same league. I wanted to demand to see some birth certificates for some of these boys! I digress..

Overall, the boys that played for the Falcons were smaller in stature. Naturally, they were a little intimidated.

My son said, “Momma, they are so big!” I told him not to let that affect him. Their size doesn’t take away from his talents. “Keep blocking the same way you always block, play like you always play. Don’t let that intimidate you, son,” I said to him.

I can’t remember who scored first. But I do remember, when the Falcons scored, it caught the Steelers off guard. They weren’t expecting it. Of course, the Falcons won.

In the story of David and Goliath, we found a very similar scenario. This story can by found in 1 Samuel 17.

Goliath was a Philistine. He was nearly 10 feet tall. The armor that he wore alone weighed 126 pounds. That is the size of a petite woman! The tip of his spear was 15 pounds. He was a GIANT!

David was the youngest of Jesse’s 8 sons. He was short in stature, and he was young. David was going back and forth between tending to King Saul and tending to his father’s sheep.

The Philistines were on one side of the valley, and the Israelites were on the other. Goliath challenged King Saul and the Israelites to send out their best fighter. He proposed that if he won, the Israelites would be slaves to the Philistines, and if the Israelites won, vice versa.

Needless to say, King Saul and his army were terrified.

Goliath would come out and taunt them daily… twice a day… for 40 days.

Right now I want to ask you.. what GIANTS in your life are taunting you? What is the enemy constantly telling you that is opposite of the promises of God?

Is he telling you that you will never be in a better situation? Is he telling you that your children will never overcome their current situation?

Is he telling you that no matter what you do, you just can’t get it right? Is he telling you that you are failing as a wife, mother, at your career, or in ministry?

Is he telling you that you will never get married? Is he telling you that no one is going to want you because of where you have been, what you have done, and how many children you have?

Is he telling you that you marriage will never recover from this?

Is it an unfavorable diagnosis or doctor’s report?

Sis, take heart…because WE ARE GIANT SLAYERS!

David was sent by his father to check on his brothers and heard Goliath taunting the Israelites. He was offended that Goliath was speaking against God and His chosen people. He decided to take action.

King Saul was reluctant to allow David to go up against Saul because of his age and and size, but after being persuaded by David, he agreed.

Stay with me… the story gets even better!

Saul put his armor on David, but David said it did not fit him. It was uncomfortable. So David went to fight Goliath with a shepherd’s staff, 5 smooth stones, and a sling shot. That’s it.

Goliath ridicules. He feels like he has mighty armor, tall stature, and intimidating looks going for him.

But David had something much greater going for him. He had the Lord Almighty on his side.


David RAN toward Goliath, slinging a stone and in a sling shot. The stone lodged in the middle of Goliath’s head and killed him.

David became a giant slayer with a sling shot and a smooth stone from a river.

So that “thing”…whatever it is…I know it seems like it’s too big. I know it seems like it’s impossible. I know it seems like things will never get better.

I know it seems like these giants in your life cannot be defeated.

I know your enemy is constantly taunting you and causing fear and anxiety.

Rest assured, you have everything you need to overcome your enemy. You have something GREATER than all of the lies that the enemy is telling you.

You have something much BIGGER than any giants that you may face.

I’m sure David was intimidated to some degree by Goliath. Goliath WAS intimidating.

But David knew that the God that he served was much bigger than the giant that he faced.

So he didn’t walk toward his enemy…David RAN toward Goliath! He ran in confidence that because God was with him, he would be VICTORIOUS!

I challenge you today, my friend. GET VIOLENT WITH YOUR ENEMY! Run towards that situation with everything you have, knowing that God is with you! Come against whatever is coming against you and your family in prayer!

God has given you everything you need! It’s within you! The tools that you need are within your reach!

You will be able to skillfully use those tools!

I say to you today… keep praying like you always pray. Keep being who you always are. Don’t let these situations or the big mouth of the enemy intimidate you.

If David can go in the name of the Lord and slay a giant with a sling shot and a smooth stone, surely you have what it takes to overcome any situation you face!

We’ve got this!


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