Hampton Plantation

I so hope that you are enjoying your summer!  Despite the heat, it is such a wonderful time to  create memories that will last a lifetime!

My husband loves all things history.  So for father's day, he wanted go and visit one of the hidden jewels of this area, Hampton Plantation.

Although we are big about being tourist in our own town, we had never heard about this awesome piece of history until William happened to run across it on the internet one night.  So, we took a 45 minute trip up Hwy 17N to McClellanville , SC.  It was well worth the trip.


Hampton Plantation is a very unique plantation for this area.  It is one of the few plantations in this area that the original house is actual still standing!  Through all of the wars, earthquakes, and hurricanes that have wreaked havoc to the area over the years, this house still boasts of its original structure made from cypress and pine.  The house even has some of the original windows!  Very impressive.

By the way, this and other photos in this post are compliments of my wonderful hubby, William.:)


This is an oak tree that was saved by the very first president of the United States, George Washington. During one of his visits, the president was asked for his opinion about whether the tree should be cut down to create a better view.  He advised them to leave it, and here it is.  This tree is huge!  Probably the biggest I've ever seen.

This plantation tells a wonderful story of not only the wealth of the Horry/Pinckney/Rutledge family, but also the backbone of the plantation, the slaves.  There are living descendants of some of the slaves that lived and worked on this plantation that are still alive, and hold priceless jewels that can only be told from a slave's perspective.  There is also an active burial site on the plantation, where descendants of those who were enslaved there are still being buried.

There is so much more to this plantation...

It was definitely worth the trip.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much.  There was just one downfall........

The bugs.

Girl.  The mosquitos will carry you away.  They attack you as soon as you get out of the car.  I am from the country, and NEVER in my life have I seen such. 

I was so relieved to see that they had mosquito repellent at the ranger station when we purchased our tour tickets. 

Be intentional about enjoying the rest of the summer!  Love you guys, and Life to You!