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The Masks We Wear: A Journey to Authenticity

When I was I little girl, my favorite holiday was Christmas, of course.   But my next favorite holiday was Halloween.

The candy and other treats were awesome, going trick-or-treating with my siblings and friends was fun, but there was something else about Halloween that intrigued me.  It was the masks that we we wore.

The first Halloween costume that I remember was a nurse's uniform.  I wanted to be a nurse like my Aunt Rose, so my parents brought me this costume.  I remember it vividly.  It was a white smock with this heavy, thick mask. 

Boy, was that mask uncomfortable!  It was hot, it made me sweat, and the elastic that kept it in place was tight.  Yet, I LOVED wearing it.

Even at a young age, I realized that if I wore this mask, I could pretend to be anything that I desired to be.

Life went on, situations happened, tragedies occurred.  One thing remained constant...I continued to love to wear masks.

But these masks were different.

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