Mount up on Healed Wings and Soar


“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles.  They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31

This is such a familiar passage of scripture.  It is a scripture that most of us have found comfort in at one point or another.  It is a promise of God that gives us hope.

Who doesn’t want to mount up on wings and soar as an eagle?  Who doesn’t want the strength and perseverance to be the very best version of themselves that we can be?

This is a wonderful concept.  I have found, however, that most women (and men as well), are trying to mount up on broken wings and soar.

Brokenness  from damaging words spoken over us in childhood, or worse, things that happened to us in childhood that we cannot even utter, still exists and needs healing.

Brokenness from the divorce, abusive relationships, rejections, missed opportunities, needs the precious Balm of Gilead.  Yet, the broken pieces are buried beneath guilt, shame, depression, and addictions that only provide temporary relief to a pain that is so deep.

I read that a wild animal’s survival (an eagle) depends on not showing pain or injury.  That concept was all too familiar.

We carry the deepest hurts and disappointments, and as a means of survival, we walk around as if everything is alright.  “Just keep going”, is what many of us often say to ourselves.

Today, my friend, the Son of Righteousness has risen with healing in His wings.  He not only wants you to survive, but He wants you to soar.

You don’t have to walk around pretending to be ok anymore.  You can really BE ok.

Carry all those broken pieces to Him, press in and touch the hem of His garment.  Tell Him all about it. He is here to soothe all of the pain with the Balm of Gilead.

The wonderful thing about our Savior is that when He heals, He does it completely.  He doesn’t just slap a bandaid on it and send you away limping. 

Mount up on healed wings.  Soar.   

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we bring to you all of our broken pieces that have been buried under guilt, shame, condemnation, risky behaviors and addictions that were used as a mere band aid to provide temporary relief to a pain so deep.  We ask you that you mend and heal all of these pieces, totally and completely as only you can.  Use these pieces to make us into another vessel that will bring honor and glory to your name, Father.  We no longer want to just survive, pretending everything is ok knowing that we still carry wounds.  Rather, we want to mount up on wings as eagles and soar as you intending.  We ask you to break every chain of addiction.  Destroy every yoke of bondage. Heal us from the inside out.  These things we ask in the Mighty name of Jesus.  Amen.