Press In


It had been so long. Time and time again, she sought help, just to leave feeling empty and discouraged.

Doctor after doctor she saw, but no one could help her.

For 12 long years, she had been subject to the same bleeding. The same situation. The same obstacle. No relief.

Every day she looked at her situation, and said “God, when? When will I see a change?”

She had done all that she knew how to do.

One day, she heard that Jesus was in town.

Although she was hurt, discouraged, disappointed, and exhausted, she knew that if she just pressed in and touched Him, even the hem of His garment, she would be made whole.

Jesus was surrounded by soooo many people, but when she touched Him, He knew it. There was something different about her press.

She pressed in with the faith that Jesus would make her whole.

Sometimes our situations can linger for years and years. In the process, a lot of times we lose hope.

Yes, even the “good christians.” Even the ones who have “known Him for a long time.”

God can allow things to go on for years and years, and we see no change.

God, will this marriage ever get any better?

Will I ever be delivered from this addiction or habit?

How long will I have to stay at this dead end job?

Will our financial situation ever change?

Will my children ever walk in the way that they were taught and ultimately find you for themselves?

Will this sickness ever go away?

Will I ever get married, or married again?

Will I ever have children?

Will this pain and heartache ever go away?

It has been 12 long years!

Take heart, sis, and press in.

Press in today, surrendering all, knowing that you have done all that you can do, and trusting Him to do what you or others could not.

Press in today, knowing that He will meet your every need.

Press in today, knowing that at the end of your rope is where you will find His strength. There is no such thing as impossible when it comes to Jesus.

He’s never too busy for you. He never has so many people pulling on Him that He can not hear you and meet your need.

He is waiting for you to give it all to Him.

Prayer: Dear Father, today I am surrendering all. I have done all that I know how to do. I have gone to many professionals, sought much counsel, taken many medications, but nothing has truly healed me. I am coming to you, because I know that you can. I know that your strength is made perfect in my weakness. Lord, please show yourself mighty and strong in this situation. Heal and deliver like only you can. I press in with the faith that you will do this for me. In the Might Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.